how to make wax candles

Important Tips on How to Make Wax Candles

Do you like making things? Why don’t you try using a little bit of your creativity to make wax candles? Sure, you could probably get ready-to-use candles but do you know that for a lot of people DIY gives special feelings to them? It is such a great pleasure that you could do it without the help of other people. Plus, of course you are also able to save some money so you could use it for things that are more important. The supplies you need to make wax candles are very cheap and the process to make the candles itself is certainly very easy. Here are a couple of tips on how to make wax candles. Good luck.

Preparation How to Make Wax Candles

First thing first, of course you have to prepare all the items you will need in the process of making wax candles. A stove is a must because you need it to boil wax. Plus, you also definitely need a double-boiler or if you do not have it, you could replace it with a large pan and also a metal bowl. A double-boiler is actually very important because you cannot put wax directly to heat as wax would easily catch on fire or even evaporate so you would likely to waste a lot of wax if it happens.

Other than those three things, you will also need a spoon, scissors, a piece of wick, a candy thermometer, a fishing weight, a ceramic container or glass (for the mold), and a broom handle. And about the wax, there are several types you could use. But if you want, you could also reuse wax so you would be able to save more money.

Methods of Making Candles

There are two conventional methods of how to make wax candles you could do. The first one is pouring which is something really popular among homemade candles makers. And the other one is dipping that is often used for mass productions.

And considering you will likely use pouring method, you need to cut a piece of wick at least 2 inches higher than the height of the container so that thing could touch the bottom of your container but still has 2 inches left. And to make sure that the wick stays in the center, you need to pour a little amount of wax into the bottom of the container first before continuing to pour the rest of wax.

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