how to make paraffin wax

How To Make Paraffin Wax

How to make paraffin wax :: for people who love to make candles, they are familiar with paraffin. Because usually, candles made ​​from raw materials that are made from paraffin mixed with other materials. Making homemade candles is one which can do every person who wants to make the candles. The resulting candle can be sold alone or can be sold in specialty stores acandle candle accessories.

Paraffin wax is a chemical element that is mixed with the oil to shape a white solid. Paraffin has flammable properties, so it can be used as an ingredient to make candles. Paraffin is not harmful if used in moderation. Paraffin is also widely used to make a mixture of other goods.

Paraffin is a solid object but can melt when heated. Paraffin can melt temperature above 46 degrees Celsius. Paraffin-based candles can have complete combustion. Complete combustion is burning leaves no dirt when the wick burns, the combustion does not create black smoke accompanied by soot. Paraffin wax is preferred by the manufacturer because it has the advantage that no other material.

Paraffin is already finished, usually rod-shaped box. Weight of each box assortment, there are ½ ounces, there are 1 ounce. Besides rod-shaped box, paraffin can also set up a round and small.

If we like to carve or sculpt, we can use a large paraffin to be used as a medium to sculpt. Because sculpt on paraffin has high artistic value. Differences carve wood with a chisel on the above paraffin is owned durability on wood carvings more durable and resilient because it has a hard texture and can't melt, while easily melted paraffin and easily broken.


How To Make Paraffin Wax at Home

Making candles have paraffin base material is not difficult. What's happening is usually confused when you start making it, terutan when first learning to make the paraffin wax. By learning through tutorials that we have prepared, then confusion that it should not happen again. It is precisely with this tutorial will make learning to make paraffin wax will feel easy and fun.


Making paraffin wax does not require a long time, the process of making paraffin wax time not take just over 1 hour, so we can wait without tedious. The time it takes the longest time to wait on ce and hard wax. Before the wax cool and hard, just takes a few minutes. But if we want to speed up the process of making paraffin wax again, we could Preparing block of ice around the paraffin wax that we are making. It renders faster paraffin wax cold and hard, so that it can be faster in the manufacturing process.

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How to make paraffin wax

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How do i make parafin?


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