how to make homemade candles cheap

How to Make Homemade Candles Cheap

Decorative and probably scented candles are probably a type of souvenirs which are now really demanded. They are having many functions, not only as the lighting but also as the garnish; therefore, your house will be more beautiful and elegant. Rather than buying it on the stores, you can actually make them by yourself. The processing is really simple, even; you may also make them in a large number for sell, without you have to spend too much budgets or first funds. Here are several materials used and also ways of how to make homemade candles cheap.

How to Make Homemade Candles Cheap : The Materials and Equipments Used

The materials and equipments used to make the decorative candles are really easy to find around us. Even if you have to buy them, the prices are also cheap without you have to spend too much. All you have to do is prepare the elastic paraffin or plain candles, white oil, colorings and garnishes, it should be made from materials which are not easy to be burnt, but of course, you should select them which are really cute and colorful. You can also buy aromatherapy perfume if you want the candles you make is really scented and giving a calming atmosphere.

Beside the materials, you should also prepare the equipments or tools, like the several containers, molds, brushes and also a small stove. You should make sure that the molds you have are in variants of shape and size. It simply makes the result be more appealing. If you prefer using the molds as the final placement or package, of course, you should select them with the beautiful appearance, like made from glasses. Even, several ornaments on the outer part are also needed.

The Steps How to Make Homemade Candles Cheap

The first thing you have to do is surely by blending the elastic paraffin and white oil in the container and then heating it on the stove while stir it thoroughly. Elastic paraffin is giving such effect of transparent, meanwhile, if you want something milky, you can use the plain candles. You can simply divide the candle dough into several small containers after it is boiled, therefore, you can color it in variants. Besides, the garnishes like the sprinkles of gleaming papers can also be added, to make such effect of lustrous on it. After making sure that all of them are blended perfectly, you can start to prepare the mold. Of course, if you expect to give garnishes on your candles, you may also prepare them on the molds before; the candle dough is being poured. If you are not using the mold as the packaging at once, it is better if you use such molds from stainless steel or probably silicon. The molds from plastic will harden you in releasing the candles from them.

Something that you should not forget is about the wax. If you want the waxes you apply is really good and doesn’t occur any smoke, you should soak it in the salty water for about three hours and then dry them thoroughly. The dried wax is then put carefully on the candles, when they are still in the form of liquid. You can freeze them on the refrigerator it possible.

Probably at the first time you make them, the result is not good as what you see in the stores. Therefore, being really careful and creative is needed; therefore, you can have the beautiful results. How to make homemade candles cheap is actually really easy and simple. Even, you can get many benefits by using it as the business. Just try it and good luck.


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