how to make candle molds

How to Make Candle Molds

Most of the candle makers prefer to make wax molds to the shape of its own. They make molds because it can be made ​​according to their own desires. Nice candle wax that has a beautiful shape. Candle has a funny shape, weird, spooky, etc. Shape as it is the creativity that makes it. If we want to like it, then we should be able to master how to make candle molds.

How to make candle molds For beginner make candles at home? Many tips and tricks to be able to make a wax mold as desired. Because the mold making your own candles, we can reduce expenses to buy the mold. Candle mold price level of complexity depends on the mold. The more complicated the more expensive price. Thus, we should think about the steps how to make candle molds cheap and simple.

Many tips and tricks how to make candle molds, old ways is by using sand. That way we can be sure we will not buy wax prints in store. We can save money by saving or can buy the tools and materials for others is more important. With a little money can still make a candle that we like. Homemade candles so special because of the creativity and hard work we are. Candles can also be used as a special gift for our loved ones.


How to Make Candle Molds at Home

Before making candle molds, should we have a concept of what we will use. So they can choose the items that we will use to make the mold. Could use a wax mold from scrap materials, as an example we can use a soft drink cans. Early step how to make candle molds at home is to prepare the tin cans.



Step by Step how to make candle Molds at Home

1. Prepare a soft drink cans. Cans could be anything. Cylindrical can, box, or the other. Use the cans are made ​​of thin aluminum, use aluminum has good strength but lightweight. We recommend using a soft drink cans are cylindrical.This is so that it easier to cut.

2. Cut the top to open fully, so that the cans could be seen all. It is recommended for ease in entering the liquid wax that will be included.

3. Enter the wick from the bottom until it reaches a height of candle tins that we will create. So that the wick upright position inside the tin, use a pencil to tie it with the axis horizontal position on top of the tin.

4. Pour the melted wax into the prepared tin with its wick. Pour until the desired height. Try not to exceed the candle wick. Leave a half inch wick candle wax is not exposed.

5. Allow the wax to cool and harden. Make sure the wax to hard so the contruction unchanged.

6. Cut the cans into the wax mold from top to bottom. This was done to take a candle therein. Wax is ready for use or sale.




How to makecandlemolds very simple and cheap? We can make it yourself at home with junk. We can save the most money we can even sell the candles to start a home business. What is important in initiating step how to make candle molds that will prepare the goods that we use to make it.

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