how to make a candle wick

How to Make a Candle Wick

people who usually buy or collect various kinds of candles are usually looking for rarely found wax candle accessories in the store. Even those willing to search for the desired candle to the usual places that sell orders candles. They have a strong a keen sense to be able to have it.

In addition they would like to have candles that have never got it, they also want to make your own candles. With hope, they can make a candle that can have a shape, aroma, color as they wish. But they are confused to start how to make a candle wick.

How to make a candle wick easy for beginner? Which is important in making candles is to learn how to make a candle wick to slowly without any pressure. So when we practice in making candles have a sense of excitement and feel comforted. With a sense of excitement like that then we could try to make a candle by learning how to make a candle wick.

Making candles is not too difficult, because if we already have the materials and equipment so we can direct the practice of making candles. Candle making levels of difficulty depending on the shape of the candle that we will create. But if we already have a candle molds with complex shapes, then making a hard wax becomes very easy to shape.

Early step how to make a candle wick is preparing all the materials and tools needed. Materials needed are: wax, wick, wax mold, double boiler, scissors, stoves. Practice basis how to make a candle wick is very easy and simple. Everyone can try and practice how to make a candle wick at home. If you find it difficult to then, repeat this tutorial until we can understand and practice to successfully make the candles as we want.

No need to be afraid and hesitant to try making candles at home. Because the doubts and fear that we can not make candles. Experts are beginning candle makers also can not, but they learn how to make a candle wick continuously and consistently, they have now become an expert in making candles. If we ask them about how to make a candle wick then they will surely respond with direct practice of making candles. Because the practice then we will be able to improve our skills in making candles.


Tips and Tricks How to Make a Candle Wick


Tips and tricks how to make a candle wick can help us when we have problems in the process of making candles. Because for beginners yet to master how to make a candle wick is good and right. All they needs is to multiply the practice.

1. Turn on the stove and reheat double boiler in which there is a candle, use low heat, do not enlarge the fire if it is not needed. Because normally it takes to melt the wax just a small fire.

2. Melt the wax in the double boiler until it becomes a liquid wax evenly. Be sure to melt evenly until no more wax in the form of lumps or bars though only small.


3. Prepare the wax mold, place the candle wick right in the middle of the mold. In order to be straight from the bottom up then use a pencil. Tie it at the top of the axis of the pencil. Put the pencil on wax mold with horizontal position

4. Pour the melted wax into the mold slowly. Pour near the top of the mold. Leave half an inch. Be careful in this process, because we're using a very hot liquid wax. If the wax is still exposed to the fluid can cause serious burns.

5. Wait for the wax to cool and harden. Before the wax hardens not in touch or shake it. Because it would make the longer the hardened wax and has a texture that is not perfect.

6. Wax is ready for use or ready for sale.


How to make a candle wick does not need to make a headache because it has no solution and a tutorial on how to make a candle wick. So whenever and wherever we can learn and practice at home. By mastering how to make a candle wick then we will be able to become an expert in the process of making candles. And so we can also wax business from home, and may have more money than before the candle business.

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