how to make a candle wick easy

How to Make a Candle Wick Easy

In everyday life we often see and use candles. I often meet in homes or places, such as in the restaurant, salon, and room meeting are still many other places. Places where the use of wax candles because they feel as something that can create a space and place become more beautiful. It can indeed be proved by us come to a place that uses lighting with candles. A room or area using a candle lighting will feel more calm, romantic, and relaxing.

Many people love to use candles for light emitted. There are also people like because of the shape and aroma. Each candle is shaped different then also put different places. In addition to different shapes, candles also have a a different aroma. There is a scent that has a various kinds variations. Each a different scent will also result in a different atmosphere and the imagination. Scented candles are usually used in the salon, reflexology and Gym centre.

If we find the candles in place, we never think how to make it. But if a beginner who is learning to make candles must be thinking how to make a candle wick easy. Because for people who have never made ​​a candle will find it difficult to try to start making it. It is exact for beginners who will learn how to make a candle wick easy to learn to read and see the tutorial how to make candles at home.


Tips How to Make a Candle Wick Easy at Home


For a beginner, should learn to make candles of the easiest and simplest. For example, make a candle that does not have a complicated form. Make a pillar candle or candles shaped candle box or jar. If you are an expert in candle making then try to learn to make candles that have a high level of difficulty, so that we can increase skills and can become an expert in making candles. Before reaching the expert level, you should learn how to make a candle wick easy.

Before we practice, we should prepare the materials and equipment needed. Use simple materials and tools, in order to saving and save our money to save or to buy other goods. Materials and equipment to be prepared are: wax, wicks, a double boiler, candle molds, pencil, scissors, stoves.


• melt the wax in a double boiler, use a medium heat. Do not use high heat because it can damage the wax is melted. Usually makes up a large fire into boiling wax and make gas bubbles in the wax.

• Prepare candle mold and wick. Place the wick in the middle of the candle mold in an upright position from the bottom up. Upright position can be obtained by tying the top of the candle wick with a pencil existing horizontal position above the candle mold.

• Pour the melted wax into candle molds candle molds near the top. Do not let the wax spilling out of the mold.

• Wait until the wax cool and hard. Let the hard wax naturally without be watered. If water would make candle is not smooth and cracked.

• Candles ready for use or sale.



In the practice of making candles should be sequential in the making process, not to get left behind or not step sequence while working. If before finding a tutorial how to make a candle wick easy tips find it difficult, then after we learn with this tutorial it is expected to easily understand and can practice directly.

How to make a candle wick easy can be learned by everyone. Especially for beginners who would try to practice. Once could make candles, we can try to do business candle. Because the candle business has big profit potential. Candle business can be started from home, so it does not require a large space or office.

Not everyone who wants to learn to make candles can find tips and trick how to make a candle wick easy. Then you include people who are lucky enough to find tips and tricks in this website.

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