how do woodwick candles work

How do Woodwick Candles Work

Many of the things we liked when lighting candles. When a candle starts burning, the light emitted looks pretty and beautiful. Light the candle will look beautiful when lit up in the dark with no lights or there are lights but the light is dim. Such an atmosphere was romantic and quiet. So many places that using candles as lighting than the lights. Often we find candles that are lit on the dining table in a restaurant. Such conditions it makes us feel calm and comfortable.

Candles are a variety of shape has its own uniqueness their own. There is a round-shaped candles, boxes, pillar, etc. Usually have a wick candles are made of rope which is basically a small cloth material which is flammable. But there are also wick made ​​from small wood. Including candle wax which is rare, because it is hard to find in stores. If we want to have, then you should make your own with the creativity that we have.

This wood wick candles a typical and unique, because it has a wick made ​​of wood. Not a lot of candles like this, because the only people who like this type of wax that will buy in store candle accessories. They like it because the burning of the candle flame produces a mixed blue and red when the candles were lit. see this unique candle burning, they like seeing small wooden candle burning inside with candles surrounding it.


How do Woodwick Candles Work When Burned


If we observe the burning process, then we will see slowly started burning wood wick at the top. Differences in wood wick and regular wick  is the difference in the speed of burning process. Common wick can be burned directly and continuously turns quickly, it is because the usual wick is able to absorb more wax melts around the fire. Things like that can not be found on the wood wick, burning process in the wood wick candle wick is not as fast as regular wick, it is because the wick of the wood does not have the ability to absorb the wax that melts quickly. However, after the wood wick candles lit, it will produce a beautiful fire, the flame is blue mixed with red color. In addition, the resulting aroma of wood wick candles will feel special fragrant wood scent.

Wood wick made ​​of wood with different types will produce a different scent. determine the quality of the wood is good or not a wood wick. If we use a wooden wick that has good quality then it will result in better burning and does not leave any dirt on the wooden wick when burned.

Each used a different wick, then the rest of the burning is also different. Everyone has their own choice to use a wick candles are preferred. And any type of wick, it will not significantly affect the burning process. Because the candle has not only the function of burning, but rewarding of shape, light and aroma.

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